Car Care

Keep your Car Clean

Keeping your car valeted will significantly help preserve its overall value. This is a fact and is realised by all of our trade customers such as VW, Audi, Mercedes, Land Rover, Skoda, BMW, and we believe all brands would agree.

Simply valeting your vehicle not only fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment, but it also protects your valuable vehicle investment. It is a task that takes very little money or effort, but has huge returns.

Polishing your vehicle once every three to six months and washing it once a week prevents the build up of damaging chemicals and dirt that may harm your vehicle’s finish. In addition to regular care, frequent washing and polishing is also the best way to protect your cars finish from the damaging effects of harsh ultraviolet rays and acid rain.

It is imperative that your car is maintained with products sold specifically for cars, which are specially formulated to ensure that the treatments your vehicle’s manufacturer included on the paint finish remain intact. Using cheap harsh detergents such as dish soap, that are not intended for use on vehicle exteriors can damage those protective layers leaving your vehicle even more vulnerable to the elements than before you washed it.

Here at Crystal Valet Centres we have partnered with one of the global leaders in car care products (AutoSmart). We use their expertise and training programs to ensure the best results for every customer every time.

Car care can and has been compared to painting and gardening! Not everyone can do it, most try and very few get professional results!

Our six simple steps to maintain value in your car:

Wash your car weekly

Use our professional hand wash facility - water based washing is what all manufactures recommend for Europe, (check this out in your owners manual). Should your car have bird droppings on it remove by using a hand carwash ASAP.

Wax your car each quarter Jan/April/July/Oct

Wax is your only external paint protection against wind, rain, snow and sun. Unlike waxing there is no specific time frame to de-tar your car other than it should be carried out as soon as there is a tar build up visible. On light coloured cars you will see small black spots (this is tar). On dark coloured cars if you run your hand along the exterior you will be able to feel the hardened tar spots on the lower body of the car.

De-tar your Car

DO NOT USE PETROL on your car in an effort to remove these tar spots as you will most definitely damage the paintwork. Bring your car into one of our Centres and we will remove it professionally causing no damage to the exterior paint.

Remove brake dust

Brake dust is carbon, which is not unlike black dust. The difference is that it will burn into your alloy wheels and if left there can discolour your wheels.

Again DO NOT use any abrasive materials to remove as you will seriously damage your alloys.

Keep your car vacuumed

Allowing gravel and sand linger in your car will damage the carpet and cause a general wear and tear look and feel in the car. There is no specific time frame on this but it should be monitored. A mini valet should be carried out to get the hard to reach areas vacuumed and polished quarterly.

Full valet

Your car should be fully Valeted with seats and carpets shampooed/leather treated at least once a year or as necessary. This will ensure all dirt and grime will be removed from either your upholstery or leather. Allowing leather to retain dirt will in time crack the leather and lead to a much bigger bill for it to be replaced or repaired.